The Stepping Stone mLearning Platform

Mobile phone technology has changed the way people learn, share information and make decisions throughout our world today, promoting learning, health, and economic growth in new and interesting ways.

Now, with Stepping Stone, even people in remote, hard-to-reach locations without access to a computer can benefit from this information revolution. All you need is a mobile phone.

Learn what you want, when you want. Put the power of mobile phone-based learning in your hands with Stepping Stone.

Grow your Business


For business people – easy-to-use video and audio lessons show you to how to implement key strategies for becoming a successful entrepreneur or how to grow your business.

For agricultural producers – plant and increase your yields with the latest and most effective farming techniques; process, package and market your goods, connect to more customers and keep track of expenses – all from your phone.

EDC recognizes that technology is increasingly providing opportunities for learners at any age, whether they are children, youth or adults, to improve their skills and knowledge. Although there are many challenges to utilizing technology in resource-poor environments, EDC believes that the judicious use of technology, when combined with effective in-person education, can greatly improve learning gains. Utilizing basic cell phone technology which does not rely on internet access or expensive data connections, Stepping Stone is a versatile platform that can be used for many different audiences. Currently available on low-cost Java-enabled phones, with an Android version due for release in Spring 2014, Stepping Stone offers a straightforward, low cost and effective method of improving knowledge and skills in low resource environments.

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